MS Tractors are part of the AS Tractor group, specialists when it comes to tractors. Already having a successful proven track record in introducing several other household brands and establishing comprehensive dealer networks. Customer satisfaction is key to our success and at all times remains the foremost priority.
Quality control, first class innovation, integrity and commitment are the pillar stones of our foundation that we pride ourselves on. Mitsubishi Tractors are committed to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction

The United Kingdom being the sixth largest economy in the world has more than 71% of the country’s surface area dedicated to the farming. The UK’s agriculture sector is so large that it contributed over £ 10.4 billion to the national economy in 2019 (DEFRA-2020) with over 8% growth in agricultural income signifies the importance of farming in nation’s growth. Unlike other counties in same geographies, the farmland in UK is diverse in nature with about a third of the land arable, remaining being upland grasslands, hillier norther and western regions. Currently, agricultural sectors employs over 1.5% (500,000) of British population and majority of them are still uses the conventional machinery, which consumes more time, labour intensive, less efficient and lowers the final productivity and agricultural income. Therefore, to provide better and efficient tools to the farmers Mitsubishi developed the robust, powerful yet affordable custom designed tractors to suite the requirements of the farmers, which helps in maximizing the productivity and increasing the profits